Sunlit Moments Photography

Hi! I am Carri Peterson, wife of an EMS pilot, Homeschooling Mom of 10, and photographer.

As a mom of 10, I realize how hard each and every day is. How much we forget of these times that we are living through.

I love to find the cherished connections, the personalities, and the love each family has, and create memories that will last for generations.

Why did I start Sunlit Moments?

Because I know how the days can last a lifetime, but the years fly by in the blink of an eye.

Because I know that time passes without permission, and before we know it, the missing teeth have grown back in, and they are going to their first dance.

Because I know that by the time they graduate, it will be hard to remember how they looked when they were two.

And because of a multitude of memories I have of my own children, I want to provide a way to keep these memories alive for you - by providing you with high quality, professional photography.